Round Swamp Road Substation and Plainview to Ruland Road Transmission Line Project

Project Specifics

PSEG Long Island is committed to delivering best-in-class system reliability by expanding electrical capacity to meet the needs of the communities we serve, today and in the future. PSEG Long Island’s electric grid consists of three primary elements: Electric transmission lines that carry high-voltage power from generation sources; substations that receive the electricity from the transmission lines and step it down to a lower voltage; and distribution lines that carry the lower-voltage electricity into our neighborhoods.

Over the coming months, we will be constructing a new substation at the northwest corner of the intersection of Old Country Road and Round Swamp Road in Plainview. This project also includes connecting distribution infrastructure and a new underground transmission line to the new substation in order to meet the growing demand for electricity in your area. While this work is being performed, traffic and parking may be impacted along the route.

Project Scope

The proposed project consists of several components, including:

  1. Construction of the new Round Swamp Road Substation
  2. Installation of two new underground 69kV transmission lines and upgrade to two existing substations
  3. Installation of two new underground 13kV distribution lines
  4. Distribution pole replacements and the replacement, removal, and/or installation of pole-top equipment including transformers, switching equipment and electrical wire.

Project Specifics for Substation Work
The proposed Round Swamp Road Substation will encompass approximately 0.76 acres and will be constructed within an approximate 11.46 acre parcel of land that is currently owned by Nassau County and used as an existing stormwater recharge basin. The Nassau County parcel is located north of the Old Country Road and Round Swamp Road intersection. The Round Swamp Road Substation will be constructed in the northern-most corner of this parcel, set back from Old Country Road and Round Swamp Road. Construction activities will require clearing and grading of most of the parcel. Regrading of the recharge basin will result in an increase in stormwater storage capacity after construction is complete. Upon completion of construction, seed and plantings will be installed throughout the parcel in accordance with Nassau County requirements. Various substation equipment including transformers, switchgears, lighting masts, bus supports, cable terminations and other substation support equipment will be installed at the substation. Transmission and distribution lines will connect into the proposed Round Swamp Road Substation, as discussed below. 

Project Specifics for Transmission Work
Two new 69kV underground transmission lines will be installed. One transmission line will be installed between the existing Plainview Substation and the proposed Round Swamp Road Substation (approximately 1.66 miles). The second transmission line will be installed between the proposed Round Swamp Road Substation and the existing Ruland Road Substation (approximately 3.4 miles). 

Location of the site or right-of-way: The proposed underground 69kV transmission lines will primarily be constructed within/along Plainview Road, Old Country Road, Round Swamp Road and Bethpage Sweet Hollow Road/Spagnoli Road. Portions of the underground 69kV transmission lines will also be installed within the Plainview and Ruland Road substations, and through the Nassau County parcel into the proposed Round Swamp Road Substation, to make necessary substation connections. 

Description of the utility transmission facilities to be built: The 69kV underground transmission lines between Plainview Substation and the proposed Round Swamp Road Substation will connect to substation equipment located within the respective footprint of each of the substation properties. The 69kV underground transmission between the proposed Round Swamp Road Substation and Ruland Road Substation will connect to the Ruland Road Substation via three new 70-foot wood transmission riser poles. The three new poles will be installed just outside the Ruland Road Substation fence. Existing overhead transmission lines exist in the immediate vicinity of the Ruland Road Substation.

Project Specifics for Distribution Work
Installation of two underground 13kV distribution lines. One distribution line will extend south of the Round Swamp Road Substation and west onto Old Country Road for approximately 0.5 miles. The second distribution line will extend east of the proposed Round Swamp Road Substation and south onto Round Swamp Road for approximately 0.5 miles. Two existing wood distribution poles on Round Swamp Road will be replaced with new wood poles. 

SEQRA Environmental Assessment 


Frequently Asked Questions

Why does PSEG Long Island need to perform this work?
Load growth in the area has reached a point where the existing transmission and distribution lines that serve homes and businesses are at their maximum capacity. Without needed system upgrades, load demand during the hot and humid summer days could result in potential service interruptions. This project will reduce the current load at nearby existing substations and distribution circuits, providing more reliable electric supply to your community.

Alternatives to the project were assessed, including:

Substation Locations

  • New substation located at Old Bethpage Road and Round Swamp Road. This location would not be proximate to the areas where load relief is and will be required. This will necessitate very long distribution underground circuits. Accordingly, this alternative would not be efficient and would be more costly.
  • Expansion of nearby substations would not eliminate the need for a new transmission circuit. This alternative is more costly and further away from the load center and would not support future load growth.
  • Other substation locations were considered, but were too far from the load growth center.

Transmission Line

  • Reconductor the existing Ruland-Plainview transmission line. This alternative is not recommended since it will not meet future load requirements and will not be able to support the new substation.
  • Install a new 69kV circuit between Syosset and Woodbury substations. This proposed circuit does not solve all the violations. It does not address load growth issues in the Plainview area or the route 110 corridor.
  • In lieu of a traditional transmission cable installation, energy efficiency alternatives were investigated. These alternatives would not be sufficient to offset new load additions in the area.
  • Addition of temporary generation in the area. Not ideal because it results in emissions, is not cost effective and does not provide a permanent solution.

Why is the proposed location best suited for the facility?

The proposed Round Swamp Substation will be located in the northern-most corner of a Nassau County parcel, and will be set back from public roadways by more than 400 feet. Vegetation to be installed around the substation perimeter and within the recharge basin will provide a visual screen from public view, minimizing visual impacts to the public. The selected location also allows the substation to be constructed in an area of expanding development. This provides PSEG Long Island with the ability to provide power for future expansions. The location of the substation also minimizes the length needed for the transmission line to be constructed between interconnecting substations.

What is the overall timeline for the project?
Construction is expected to begin in July 2020 and be fully complete by December 2021.

Will there be tree trimming?
Yes, trees growing near power lines significantly increase the chance of power outages and pose safety risks. As we expand and improve our electric circuits, we will trim trees, where necessary, following our utility best practice model (ANSI A300 standards as well as the Best Management Practices Tree Pruning publication): 8 feet to each side; 12 feet above; and 10 feet below the line. Vegetation removal will be necessary to construct the proposed Round Swamp Road Substation and to connect the new transmission and distribution lines into the substation. The property where the proposed Round Swamp Road Substation will be located will be regraded, and will result in an increase to existing storm water storage capacity of the basin. Existing vegetation will remain on the southern and eastern portions of the Nassau County property. With the exception of the Proposed Substation and access road, areas of disturbance will be restored with seed and plantings.

Will there be any power outages?
In the event that a brief outage is required, all affected customers will be notified in advance.

Will there be any traffic interruptions?
There will be minor traffic disruptions along the transmission and distribution route as installation of electric cable and appurtenances (manholes, etc.) will be completed within and along roadways. Lane closures or modifications will be implemented to channel traffic appropriately. All traffic disruptions will be temporary. To ensure traffic moves safely, PSEG Long Island will provide cones, flagmen and signage at the work sites, as needed.

How can I get more information or leave feedback?
If you have further questions, or are unable to access the documents electronically and would like to request hard copies, please call PSEG Long Island Customer Service at 1-800-490-0025 between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.. If you would like to share comments on the project, please fill out the public comment form.

A brief note on COVID-19
PSEG Long Island is deeply committed to the health, safety and wellbeing of our customers, employees and our communities. We ask that customers remain in their homes while crews are working nearby. If customers must speak with our crews, we ask that they practice responsible “social distancing” and remain at least 6 feet away to ensure the health of everyone involved. The contractor for this project has provided PSEG Long Island with its safety plan, which meets current regulatory requirements with respect to COVID-19, including social distancing measures. We are leveraging the guidance of the CDC and state and local authorities in the areas we operate. At PSEG Long Island, we know that our customers rely on us to power their lives and businesses. We are doing our part in fulfilling this commitment. For more information, please visit As always, customer and employee safety is our primary concern. Please be cautious when traveling near our construction work zones. 


POSTED DATE: 06/16/20