Power Restoration Process

Our Four-Step Restoration Process

When we determine that it is safe to start service restoration, our crews work around-the-clock to restore your power. When storms cause major damage, we supplement our workforce with crews from other utilities and contract crews. You may see trucks from companies you don't recognize. Our goal? To restore power safely to the greatest number of customers in the shortest amount of time. 

restoration step one


High-Voltage Transmission and Substations
Since transmission lines and substations supply power to neighborhoods, we repair them first.
restoration step two


Critical and Vital Public Services
Next, we restore power to critical public services including hospitals and nursing homes, police and fire facilities, jails, water pumping stations, communication organizations (TV, radio, and telephone), facilities with lifesaving equipment for residents and evacuation centers.
restoration step three


Greatest Number of Customers
Next, we prioritize repairs that restore power to a greater number of customers first. We'll make repairs that restore power to 1,000 customers before a repair that would return electricity to 100 customers.
restoration step four


Individual Homes and Businesses
We continue to work 24/7 to restore power to neighborhoods and individual homes or businesses until the power's back for everyone.

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