New Time-of-Day (TOD) Rate Plan

PSEG Long Island has modernized the standard electric rate for residential customers with the new Time-of-Day Off-Peak Rate. This TOD Rate will help customers save money and support the clean energy transition of Long Island and the Rockaways.Complete Terms and Conditions can be found here.


What is Time-of-Day?

The new TOD Rates will give you more control over how much you pay for energy. TOD will let you take advantage of the hours of the day when energy costs less to produce. Just like riding the LIRR, you can save money by shifting some energy use to off-peak hours.

There are two new Time-of-Day Rates, the standard Off-Peak Rate and the Super Off-Peak Rate.

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How do the Time-of-Day Rates Work?

With TOD rates, you pay different rates for electricity based on the season (summer and non-summer) and time of day. Peak hours will be from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. on weekdays. All other hours will be off-peak. Nights, weekends, and federal holidays are always off-peak. This means the TOD Rate Plan costs less than the 180 Flat Rate during 88% of the year.

You Have Options!

In 2024, we will begin moving residential accounts on the 180 Flat Rate to the new standard Time-of-Day Off-Peak Rate (with some exceptions). See full Terms and Conditions here.

Before then, you will have options. You can:

  • Voluntarily enroll in the Time-of-Day Off-Peak Rate.
  • Voluntarily enroll in the Super Off-Peak Rate with overnight hours discounted up to 40% off the Flat Rate.
  • Stay on your current rate. 
Compare rates. Choose the right one for you.

Guaranteed Bill Protection

If we move your account to the new standard TOD Off-Peak Rate automatically or if you are an eligible customer and choose to voluntarily enroll in either the TOD standard Off-Peak Rate or the Super Off-Peak Rate, you will receive Guaranteed Bill Protection for up to the first 12 months on the new rate. If, during that time, your total electric cost on either TOD Rate is higher than it would have been under the Flat Rate, we will automatically provide a bill credit to refund you the difference. Give TOD a try – there’s nothing to lose! 

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