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Energy for everything Long Island means to you

We’re storm-hardening our electric grid by investing in technology that reroutes power to areas with outages. And if there is an outage, we’re getting power back on in an average of 90 minutes or less. But that’s not all. We’re upgrading older equipment; installing poles that can take on up to 135 mph winds; and running new, near-unbreakable wire. Because a stronger electric grid powers a stronger Long Island.

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Current Initiatives

Find out what we're doing to improve service and reliability in your neighborhood.

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Tree Trimming

Our tree maintenance program has reduced tree-related outages by 60%. Find out how we prioritize tree trimming, and what it means to you.

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Maintaining the Infrastructure

Learn how we maintain critical parts of our infrastructure to help avoid service interruptions.

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PSEG Long Island Undergrounding

Underground Service for Your Community

A program for communities interested in underground electric facilities or moving overhead utilities out of sight. 

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