Route 112 Utility Relocation

Project Specifics

PSEG Long Island’s electric grid consists of three primary elements:

  • Electric transmission lines that carry high-voltage power from generation sources
  • Substations that receive the electricity from the transmission lines and step it down to a lower voltage
  • Distribution lines that carry the lower-voltage electricity into our neighborhoods

Project Overview

The New York State Department of Transportation is embarking on a project to widen Route 112 from north of Granny Road to south of the Long Island Expressway South Service Road in Coram and Medford. To accommodate this project, PSEG Long Island must relocate existing power lines farther away from the road so the widening can take place.

Poles and underground cables will be relocated on Route 112 in Coram and Medford, from just north of Granny Road to just south of the Long Island Expressway South Service Road. Small portions of the work will occur on the following roads where they cross Route 112:

  • Horseblock Road
  • Commercial Boulevard
  • Long Island Expressway North Service Road
  • Intersection of Middle Island Road and Horseblock Road 

Environmental Assessment Documents
Pole relocations associated with NYSDOT’s widening of NYS 112 in Brookhaven