Tree Trimming

Aerial shot of power lines strung through leafy green trees

Proactive Maintenance Means Fewer Outages

While we occasionally need to trim or remove trees that may pose outage hazards, we also carefully consider the health and beauty of Long Island's trees.

PSEG Long Island technician writing notes on a clipboard

Tree Maintenance Plan

Find out how out we have reduced tree-related outages by 33% in some communities.

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PSEG Long Island in an elevated lift bucket doing work on power lines

How We Trim

Our tree trimming program has been recognized by the Arbor Day Foundation for our high standards. Find out about the methods we use.

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Closeup of a chainsaw sawing through a tree trunk

Tree Removal and Tree Hazards

Do you suspect a tree hazard in your neighborhood? Do you need help safely removing a tree that's close to power lines? We can help.

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Community members planting trees

Tree Selection and Safe Planting

Discover which trees can deliver long-lasting enjoyment without causing electrical hazards. We'll even tell you where you can safely plant them.

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