Your Safety Comes First

Learn how to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from electric hazards.
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Electric Safety

Learn how to stay safe around electricity - inside and outside your home or business.

Minimizing Outages

Storm Safety

When severe weather strikes, stay safe before, during and after a storm. 


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Proper Tree Planning

The right tree in the right spot will avoid overhead wires and even save you energy.


Drone Safety

Keep your drone in sight while in flight!

Flying a drone too close to power lines, electrical substations or other electrical equipment may affect its signal, resulting in a loss of control. Drone incidents involving such equipment can result in power outages, injury or even death.

Stay alert and stay safe.

We're Proud to Power

We’re proud to say we’ve strengthened our commitment to you with hundreds more miles of storm-hardened poles and wires.

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Reliability Work in Your Town

See how we're meeting the growing energy needs of Long Island and the Rockaways!


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Storm Hardening the Grid

Our Power On program helps strengthens the grid that powers our lives.


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Outreach Survey

We value your feedback. Please take the Project Communication Outreach survey.

Hazards and Safety

Downed wires and other electrical hazards are dangerous. Find out why, and what you should do if you see one..

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