Safety and Reliability

Your Safety Comes First

Technician showing safety equipment to a group of schoolchildren

Safety In Our Schools

PSEG Long Island offers free presentations for schools and organizations about safety and emergency planning. Request a presentation today! 

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Minimizing Outages

Minimizing Outages

Most days, you don't have to think about us—and that's a good thing. We know you depend on us. See what we're doing to avoid outages.

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Group of people preparing to plant a tree

Proper Tree Planning

Trees are a beautiful and important part of our communities. The right tree in the right location can help you avoid issues with electric wires - and even save you energy.

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PSEG Long Island and Sesame Street

We've teamed up with Sesame Workshop to create Let's Get Ready, our free program and app for teaching emergency preparedness to Pre-School and Kindergarten-age children.

Join Elmo, and Get Ready!

Electric Safety

Know what to do to stay safe inside and outside.

Home Safety

Avoid potential hazards in and around your home.

Storm Safety

Storms happen. Be prepared and stay safe.


Find out what we're doing to deliver the electric service you can count on.