Energy Saving Tips and Tools

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Energy Savings That Add Up

From swapping out your lightbulbs to sealing leaky air ducts, see our tips or apply for an expert assessment to find out how you can lower your energy bill.
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66 Ways to Save Energy

Check out our collection of expert tips on ways you can save energy and lower your bill in every area of your home.

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Electronics Energy Guide

The single, biggest factor in every electric bill: the amount of electricity you use. This guide is a list of common household electronics and their typical wattage along with examples of estimated costs. 

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Home Heating Comparison Calculator

Heating Comparison Calculator

See what you could be saving by switching to a heat pump.

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Home Energy Analyzer

Home Energy Analyzer

See how much you could save with energy efficient improvements in this online survey. Discover energy saving opportunities, financing options, and product rebates available to lower your monthly energy bill.

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Home energy analysis


To use energy more efficiently tomorrow, it helps to understand how you use it today. MyEnergy makes that easier than ever.

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MySmartEnergy Home

MySmartEnergy Home

Come along with this fun family of four as they show you around their energy efficient home in our NEW interactive experience.
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