Equipment and Facility Relocation

Need Something Moved?

Do you need a utility pole or wire moved to widen your driveway or accommodate construction? Here's how to make a request.

You can start your request at any time. If you need to pause to gather information you have 13 days to resume the request, or you will need to start over again. You will save as a Draft and an e-mail is sent to the e-mail address entered. The Draft e-mail will have a draft number in the body of the e-mail, copy and paste that number into the resume request site when asked, then provide the last name as it is displayed and your request will resume where you left off.

Sometimes we're able to relocate equipment or facilities to accommodate construction, or for other reasons. Please note that requests to relocate facilities will often be at some cost to you. To make a request, fill out the Facility Relocation request to explain what you would like relocated. You can attach a photo, site plan or drawing to help explain your request in more detail if necessary. A Customer Planning Representative will be assigned to review your request and respond to you.

The completion time can vary based on the complexity of your request, weather permitting.