Elevation Requests

Raising Your Home?

Ensure that your home is raised safely. Here's what you need to know.

You can start your request at any time. If you need to pause to gather information you have 13 days to resume the request, or you will need to start over again. You will save as a Draft and an e-mail is sent to the e-mail address entered. The Draft e-mail will have a draft number in the body of the e-mail, copy and paste that number into the resume request site when asked, then provide the last name as it is displayed and your request will resume where you left off.

To ensure that your home elevation is safe and free of electrical hazards, it's important to notify us of your plans so that we can modify your service accordingly. 

Required Documentation

The following is a list of required documents you may need in order to complete the online request:

  • Proof of ownership (title page or closing documents or current tax bill)
  • Authorization to act as an agent (needed if the requester is not the owner). This can be a letter signed by the owner and Notarized. The requester will need Photo ID
  • When installing a Temporary Service provide a digital copy of your Electrical Inspection Certificate. This document is required for ALL new services and/or service changes. If your service location is in the Rockaway Peninsula, you will need a New York City Permit.

If you require temporary electric service during construction... 

Have your electrician install temporary pole service at your location using specifications from the Red Book (see Page D7 for details). We will then relocate your service to the temporary pole until your home elevation is complete. Your PSEG Long Island account will remain open and billable during construction. There are costs to have temporary service installed. Please call our office at 1-844-341-6378 to discuss the costs.

If you DO NOT require temporary electric service during your home elevation...

  • Call to have your electric service. Your electric service must be completely removed from the property before you can begin construction on your home elevation. Call us at 1-844-341-6378 and ask for your account to be closed and finalized. We will schedule your final meter reading and bill. We cannot remove the electric facilities at your location until the account is closed. When you apply for re-connection please allow three to five weeks before moving back onto the premises.
  • Add the necessary attachments and submit your request online. Requests are typically completed within three to five weeks from the time all documentation is received, weather permitting.