New Electric Service

Planning a Construction Project?

Learn how to apply for a new electric service, or to add an additional meter to your home. 

You may start your request at any time. If you need to gather information, you may pause for up to 13 days and resume the request, or you will need to start over. You will save a draft request and receive an e-mail with a draft number. To resume the request, go to the resume request site, copy and paste that number and provide the last name as it is displayed.

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What you will need to apply

To allow us to process your application quickly and efficiently, you will need:

  • Approved site plans or foundation in place
  • Contact information for yourself and your authorized representative
  • Billing information
  • New meters or services will require an Electrical Inspection Certificate. If your service location is in the Rockaway Peninsula, you will need a NYC building Permit. You can request a copy of this document from your electrician.
  • Service location and use information, including pole/pad numbers (if available)
  • For new electric service: load details are required for 400amp services or larger. For the new meter(s) you are requesting, including volts, amps, phase, and air conditioning load, the assistance of your electrician may be necessary.

After You Apply

We will review your request and provide a response as soon as possible. You will receive a reference number for your project. Keep this number handy, as you will need it to make inquiries about your service request. Any questions, contact Building and Renovation Services at Please include the full property address in subject line. You can also call us at 1-844-341-6378, Monday - Friday, from 7:30AM to 4PM.