Upgrade or Change Service

What You Need to Know

Follow these three steps to upgrade your service or to request a change from overhead to underground service.

If you'd like to change or upgrade your electric service at a location that already has an electric meter, or that is served by PSEG Long Island, please complete the following steps.

Provide a copy of your electrical inspection certificate

This document is required for ALL new services and/or service changes. Note: If your service location is in the Rockaway Peninsula, you will need a New York City Permit.

Have your electrician complete a load letter

  • For services of 200 amps or less, provide a PSEG Long Island Connects Form that has been completed by your electrician. 
  • For service sizes of 300 amps or more, and all commercial services, provide a load letter that has been completed by your electrician. This will identify the load and rate of the service at your location.
  • For specifications, consult our Red Book.

Based on the load and the specifications of your installation, a payment and/or deposit may be required.

IMPORTANT: When you send in your documentation to the email address below, please specify whether you or your electrician should receive the invoice, and please include a mailing address.

Submit your paperwork

Please submit all documentation to Building & Renovation Services by email, BRSLI@pseg.com or fax, 1-844-846-1550. Requests are typically completed within three to five weeks from the time all documentation is received, weather permitting.