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Find answers for common electric-service questions related to home construction, demolition, service upgrades, and pool installation.

When I fill out an online request what do I need?

You may need any of the following depending on your request:

  • An inspection certificate or New York City building permit
  • A load letter (400 amp or larger residential customers and all non-residential customers)
  • Photo ID
  • Proof of ownership (closing document, title page or current tax bill)
  • Authorization to act as an agent for the owner of a property
  • Meter numbers for existing services
  • Contact phone numbers for the customer or contractor
  • Mailing addresses for construction cost quotes or permanent account billing
  • Site plans, maps or construction documents 

Why do I need an inspection by PSEG Long Island after I’ve sent in my Electrical Inspection Certificate?

We inspect your service location after all documentation and required payments are received to verify that all of your electric equipment is in compliance with the National Electric Code, National Electric Safety Code, and current specifications and requirements for electric installations. We also determine what work is needed and write up orders for the metering and construction crews to properly install and connect electric to the premises.

How do I know how many amps I have?

Look at the label on the door to your circuit breaker, on the handle for the main breaker or consult your electrician.

Can I pay the fee with a credit card?

Unfortunately, we do not accept credit card as a form of payment. All payments more than $1,000 and all deposits must be made by bank check or money order.

What is a temporary service?

Temporary service is a type of electric installation that provides service for short-duration power needs of 90 days or less, often for a construction sites or non-permanent sites that require power.