West Bartlett Substation

Reliability Projects

We're making upgrades to enhance our system's ability to withstand extreme weather and meet energy demands.

Project Overview

The Gordon Heights area is currently served by Coram, Ridge, and Yaphank substations. The Coram substation is one of the most loaded distribution substations in Suffolk County. Over the past six years, load from the Coram substation had been transferred to adjacent substations in Centereach, Mount Sinai, and Ridge to prevent overloading.

The construction of a new substation on West Bartlett Road, the reconfiguring of distrubtion circuits, and the reconductoring and reinsulating of existing lines will directly benefit the local community by significantly increasing reliability and power quality. It will reduce the risk of prolonged service disruptions, especially during heat waves and storms.

As always, PSEG Long Island is working closely with local officials on this project, keeping them informed and working to minimize potential disruptions.

Project Location

The new substation will be located on the east side of West Bartlett Road between Rose Lane and Smith Lane. In addition, PSEG Long Island crews will be working on the following streets:

  • Middle Country Road (Route 25) between Wilson Avenue and Lake Drive
  • Swezey Lane between Middle Country Road (Route 25) and Coram-Swezey Town Road
  • Wilson Avenue between Middle Country Road (Route 25) and Adams Lane
  • Adams Lane from Middle Country Road (Route 25) between Gray Avenue and
  • Gray Avenue between Adams Lane and Cedar Lane
  • Cedar Lane between Gray Avenue and Gordon Avenue
  • Gordon Avenue between Cedar Lane and Granny Road
  • Granny Road between Mill Road and Ashton Road
  • Mill Road between Granny Roadand Teller Avenue
  • Ashton Road between Granny Road and East Barlett Road
  • East Bartlett Road between Bartlett Road and Yaphank Middle Island Road
  • Yaphank Middle Island Road between East Bartlett Road and Middle Country Road (Route 25)
  • West Bartlett Road between Granny Road and Bartlett Road

Project Timeline

  • Clearing and grading of the substation site will begin in March 2017.
  • Construction of the facility will begin in April 2017 and is scheduled to be completed by December 2017.
  • Work on overhead lines in the Gordon Heights area will begin in March 2017 and is scheduled to be completed by September 2017.