Garden City

Reliability Projects

We're making upgrades to enhance our system's ability to withstand extreme weather and meet energy demands.

PSEG Long Island is committed to delivering best-in-class electric reliability and to hardening the system to better withstand extreme weather like heat waves and storms.

Therefore, upgrades to the system are necessary to keep pace with the growing demand for electricity in your area and ensure greater reliability for your neighborhood. As always, customer and employee safety is our primary concern, so please be cautious when traveling near construction work zones.

  • Reliability Project
    PSEG Long Island will be upgrading the electric distribution infrastructure to increase capacity and improve reliability in the area. This project will include installation of new underground cable along with installing and upgrading switching equipment.
  • Underground Cable Project
    PSEG Long Island will be upgrading equipment. Specifically, we will install an underground cable in a duct and manhole system from the Long Island Rail Road rectifier west of Cherry Valley Avenue just north of 6th Street.