Storm-Hardening Projects

Strengthening the Infrastructure

PSEG Long Island is standing up to severe weather by storm hardening the electric infrastructure that powers our communities. Our storm-hardening program focuses on mainline circuits, the backbone of PSEG Long Island’s distribution system. The mainline powers the many branch lines that power your home or business.

Storm-hardening upgrades include stronger poles, narrower cross arms that help wires deflect falling branches, stronger wire and smart switches that minimize the number of customers affected by any one outage. Upgraded circuits have seen a significant reduction in storm damage and 45% fewer outages. PSEG Long Island started storm hardening in early 2015, utilizing a $729 million grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. When this work concludes we will have:

Continued Efforts: Power On 

We’re not stopping there. As our initial storm-hardening program concludes this spring, PSEG Long Island is continuing our important efforts by launching Power On, a new initiative that will continue to improve reliability by strengthening distribution lines, targeting the most vulnerable circuits across Long Island and the Rockaways. Power On will continue to focus on mainline circuits, the backbone of PSEG Long Island’s distribution system. Specifically, Power On upgrades include:

  • Stronger Poles: PSEG Long Island will replace some existing utility poles with stronger, more durable poles that are capable of withstanding winds up to 135 mph. The new poles will be approximately the same height as the existing poles, have a stronger base and will be placed about 3 feet from the current pole locations. PSEG Long Island will actively coordinate the removal of old poles with other utilities and municipalities.
  • Narrow Profiles: To help wires deflect falling limbs instead of catching them, PSEG Long Island will be installing shorter cross arms atop some poles.
  • Stronger Wire: Current wire will be replaced with more resilient and durable wire.
  • Upgrading or replacing equipment as necessary


What's happening in your neighborhood?

PSEG Long Island is committed to strengthening the electric infrastructure and improving reliability and will be continuing to storm harden the system. We’re working closely with local officials to keep them informed and to minimize potential interruptions. Visit the Storm-Hardening Map to see what storm hardening is happening in your community.

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