System Upgrades

Powering Progress + Upgrading the Grid

PSEG Long Island started storm hardening in early 2015, utilizing a $729 million grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. Moving forward, we are continuing the storm-hardening program and plan to replace poles and wires on an additional 117 miles of mainline circuits over the next few years.

Stronger Poles

Since Superstorm Sandy, using federal funding, we've replaced 24,800 poles with stronger poles capable of withstanding winds up to 135 mph and storm hardened more than 1,000 miles of electric infrastructure


Smart Switches

Over the last 5 years, PSEG Long Island installed 887 automatic switching units (ASUs), or smart switches, to minimize the number of customers who are affected when equipment fails. The units reroute power around the failed equipment, isolating the immediate area where the damage occurred, bringing the lights back on for the surrounding customers. Learn more

Narrow Profiles

You might see a new type of cross arm atop some of our poles. To help deflect falling limbs, instead of cradling them, PSEG Long Island installed shorter cross arms on top of some of our poles