Northport Underground Transmission Cable Repair

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We're making upgrades to enhance our system's ability to withstand extreme weather and meet energy demands.

Project Specifics

On Thursday, March 31st, PSEG Long Island removed a transmission feeder from service due to an incident on Church Street in Northport. This involved the release of dielectric fluid, similar to mineral oil, which is used to pressurize and optimize performance of the cable. De-energizing the cable did not result in customer outages. The cause of the failure is under investigation. Repairs to the transmission feeder are commencing. Please be assured, that these repairs will not affect the reliability of your electric service.

PSEG Long Island is working in cooperation with New York Department of Environmental Conservation (NYS DEC) on this matter. The immediate situation has been contained and remediation work is on-going. You will see crews working in your area making repairs to restore the transmission feeder to service. Restoration of the road, and other affected areas, if damaged, will be restored in accordance with village specifications.

Project Route
Crews will be repairing and strengthening an underground transmission cable at the corner of Scudder Avenue and Church Street in Northport. In order to perform this work, crews will also be located at the corner of Catherine Street and Cayuga Avenue, the intersection of Main Street and Church Street as well as Ocean Avenue just south of Mar-Kan Drive.

Project Timeline
Work began on March 31st and is expected to be completed by mid-July. Crews are expected to work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, depending on the critical work at hand. Work performed at night will not generate noise or lighting that is disturbing. No excavation work and no heavy equipment will be used at night.

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POSTED DATE: 4/22/22