MySmartEnergy Portal

The Power to Control Your Bills with MySmartEnergy

This portal, available for residential and business customers, on any device, provides near real-time detailed information on your energy use before your bill arrives. When you see how you’re using energy, you can then make changes to lower your usage and your bill!

Track your energy usage - from anywhere, anytime!

Whether you are a residential or business customer, one of the benefits of having a Smart Meter is access to your energy usage via the MySmartEnergy portal accessible through your My Account. The portal shows usage in multiple ways. One way is with informative widgets that compare energy use. Another lets you have control over the amount of detail you want to see, from a date range to daily, weekly and monthly usage. You can even drill down to see your usage in hourly or even 15-minute intervals. Another option provides the ability to download data to a spreadsheet.

  • How often does a smart meter transmit information?
    A smart meter transmits just three times a day.
  • How do I start?
    Log into or register for My Account. Then select “MySmartEnergy” from the top menu under “My Account.”
  • Can I register more than one account under the same user name?
    Yes, you can register multiple accounts under the same user name.
  • Will I be able to see energy use for more than one account?
    Yes, when you log into My Account, click on the profile icon and choose the account you want to view.
  • What are some features of the MySmartEnergy graph?
    You can personalize your graph with usage shown daily, weekly or monthly. Then select the amount of detail, from hourly to every 15 minutes. You can select a date range from the “range” icon above the graph or the slider below. Weekends are shaded for easy reference. Select from the “Comparison” options to overlay the graph with information, including temperature trends that may have affected energy use. You can also hover on a particular spot on the graph to drill-down for more details.
  • How else can I see energy use?
    MySmartEnergy displays your energy use in multiple ways. In addition to the main graph, there are customizable, interchangeable widgets at the top of the page. Optional views include your latest daily energy use compared to your 90-day average and a week over week comparison. You can also see data via a heat map from the “Data” tab.
  • Is there a way to keep track of energy changes at a particular time, like a spike in use?
    For a particular event, like one that caused higher energy use, or when you installed a new energy efficient appliance, you can keep track with a custom marker and your own description on the graph.
  • Can I download data information?
    Yes, you can download data information in CSV or Green Button (.XML) format. Just choose the time interval and date range.
  • Can I download multiple accounts at the same time?
    No, data downloads are by account only. MySmartEnergy cannot bulk load accounts for multiple data downloads.
  • Can I add a secondary user?
    Yes, you can add a secondary user to any account(s). Adding a user provides access to data only; they will not have access to account billing information. From the MySmartEnergy profile icon at the top right, select “User Profile” and then:
    • Under Additional User Access, select “Connect User”
    • Under Permissions, check the “Usage Data” box
    • Under Duration, make a selection from 30 days to no end date
    • Under Select Accounts, check the account(s) authorized for the user
    • Enter the email address for the authorized party and confirm
    • Review and check the box agreeing to the Terms & Conditions
    • We will then send the secondary user an email so they can set up their own log in credentials.


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For Business Customers