Green Choice Program

Clean, Renewable Energy

Make a positive contribution to our environment by supporting the development of cleaner, renewable energy resources.

How does Green Choice work?

Sign up for Green Choice, a PSEG Long Island program that helps you invest in the future of our planet. With Green Choice, you pay a few extra dollars on your electric bill each month to help support renewable energy sources, such as wind, hyrdoelectric power, and bioenergy. The goal is simple: to work together to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels.

  • If you're a residential or business customer who gets all of your power from PSEG Long Island, you probably qualify to participate in Green Choice. 
  • As a Green Choice participant, you'll pay a few additional dollars each month to purchase “environmental attributes." For a typical home that uses 762 kilowatt-hours per month, expect to add $9 to $19 per month to your electric bill. Your regular PSEG Long Island bill will include a Green Choice charge that will be used to support green power.
  • The environmental attributes help support the growth of “green” electric generation by replacing old, inefficient electric generation facilities with those that use clean, renewable resources.
  • You choose the renewable resource you want to support through an independent Green Power Marketer that partners with PSEG Long Island.
  • Each of the Green Power Marketers, also known as Green ESCOs (Energy Service Companies), ensure that green power is delivered to the New York State power grid.
  • If you have multiple locations, you may choose a different Green Marketer for each location or use one Green Marketer for all of them.

Contact a Green Marketer to sign up

Currently, there are no Green Marketers available.