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Control Your Energy Bills with MySmartEnergy

The MySmartEnergy portal, within My Account, provides near real-time detailed information on your energy use before your bill arrives. When you see how you’re using energy, you can then make changes to lower your usage and your bill!
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PSEG Long Island BIl Payment

Bill Payment Options

Paying your electric bill is a breeze with our simple and secure payment options.
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PSEG Long Island Energy Usage

MySmartEnergy Portal

Get real-time detailed information on your energy use before your bill arrives. 
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Woman sitting in the dark looking at a smartphone

Outage Reporting and Updates

Quickly report an outage and get status updates on power restoration.

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Manage MyAlerts

Manage your alert preferences easily online in your My Account profile.

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Manage Your Profile

Update your contact information and manage your billing and payment options.

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Analyze Your Energy Usage

Track your energy usage and get tips to save energy and money.

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Young woman standing behind young man, hands on his shoulders, both looking at a laptop

Understanding Your Bill

Learn what you owe, how much energy you used, and how to pay your bill.

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Paperless Billing

Get the same bill you’re used to, now delivered right to your inbox.

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Close-up of calendar pages

Balanced Billing

Budget-friendly billing. Set your energy budget for the next 12 months.

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Utility worker reading a meter and recording data

Estimated Billing

When we can't access your electric meter, we calculate your estimated energy.

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Young couple sitting and looking at an open laptop

Bill Inserts

Need your electric bill's notices and inserts? Find them here.

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Close-up of an electric meter

Submit a Meter Reading

Enter your reading or upload a photo of the meter and we will read it for you.

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Headshot of smiling brunet woman wearing a phone headset

Financial Assistance

Find programs that help qualified Low-income individuals, Medicaid, and SNAP recipients to pay their electric bills.

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Power lines running through a metal electric tower

Filing a Claim

Get information about filing a claim for loss or damage.

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Close up of a younger person's hands holding older person's hands

Critical Care Program

For customers who depend on electric-powered medical equipment.

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Younger man sitting with his arms around an older woman

Friendly Follow Up Program

We've got extra protection to help keep your electric account current.

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Clasped hands in foreground; woman in hospital bed in background

Peace of Mind Program

If you're experiencing a serious health crisis, we can extend your bill's due date an additional 30 days.

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Utility worker in orange shirt standing next to meter

Meter Reading

Learn how to read your own meter and send us your reading.

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Close up of electrical panel or circuit board

Start, Stop or Move Service

Turning on the power to your new home is easy. We’re here to help light your home .

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Rolled up plans and a yellow construction hat; hand holding pen

Building and Renovation

Change existing service or request new service for construction, renovations, and expansions.

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Electric meter

Smart Meters

Smart meters increase efficiency without increasing cost. Find out how we're modernizing the electric grid.

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