Long Island Choice

You Have a Choice in Providers

Long Island Choice lets you purchase your electricity directly from other energy service companies.

How LI Choice works

Long Island (LI) Choice is a voluntary program designed give consumers greater choice in their energy providers. The idea is that by allowing energy service companies to compete, consumers may have the opportunity to save money. If you are a residential or non-residential customer that receives your full power requirements from PSEG Long Island, you are most likely qualified to participate in LI Choice.

  • Select your preferred electric service company (ESCO) through LI Choice. If you have multiple meter locations, you may choose different ESCOs for different accounts, or you may use one ESCO. You must choose an ESCO that has been licensed by us.
  • You are accepted by the ESCO.
  • Contract terms are provided to you by the ESCO.
  • You enter a written, verbal, or electronic contract with the ESCO and the ESCO enrolls you electronically.
  • We confirm enrollment with a confirmation letter.
  • You respond to the letter only if the information is incorrect.
  • If you do not enter into a contract with the ESCO, you'll continue to receive your electric supply directly from us. 


You will receive one bill from your ESCO for energy supply and another from us for delivery. Generally, your cost will depend on the electric rate you negotiate with the energy service provider and the amount of electricity you purchase. As a Long Island Choice customer, you can still participate in our Balanced Billing Program for the portion of your bill.


We will continue to deliver electricity to you. If your ESCO fails to supply electricity or goes out of business, we will supply electricity without interruption. We will also restore power in the event of an outage or other emergency, ensure service reliability by maintaining the delivery system, read your meter, and provide billing on delivery charges and other essential customer services.

Licensed Energy Service Companies (ESCOs)

To participate in LI Choice, you must contact an ESCO. The ESCOs can supply you with price information and other details regarding how they operate.

  • Before you select an ESCO, make sure all of your questions are answered regarding electric energy prices.
  • Once you have selected an ESCO, you enroll in the LI Choice program by entering a contract with the ESCO you selected.
  • If you do not participate in LI Choice, it is not necessary to do anything. We will continue to provide you with electric energy as well as transmission and distribution services.
  • A customer may apply to become a Direct Retail Customer (DRC). A DRC may act without an ESCO to contract for and supply electric energy and any related services for its own use. This would typically be an option of interest to large commercial/industrial customers.

Licensed ESCOs for Residential Customers

  • Columbia Utilities Power LLC

Licensed ESCOs for Commercial Customers

  • Calpine Energy Solutions
    1-877 273-6772
  • Columbia Utilities Power LLC
  • Direct Energy Business Marketing LLC
  • Grid Power Direct