Long Island Choice

You Have a Choice in Providers

Long Island Choice lets you purchase your electricity directly from other energy service companies.

If you choose to buy power supply from an Energy Service Company (ESCO), you’ll buy only supply from them. PSEG Long Island will continue to deliver the power, maintain the infrastructure and provide all of the other services you receive from us, including 24/7 emergency response.

Here are the basic steps of buying supply from an ESCO:

  • Select your preferred Energy Service Company (ESCO) from the list of LI Choice ESCOs shown below. If you have multiple meter locations, you may choose the same or multiple ESCOs.
  • The ESCO provides you with contract terms. Once you agree, the ESCO enrolls you electronically.
  • We send a letter to you confirming enrollment.

If you do not enter into a contract with an ESCO, you'll continue to receive your electric supply directly from us.

Comparing Energy Prices

PSEG Long Island’s Power Supply Charge has two components:

  • Local Supply Charge
  • Market Supply Charge

The Local Supply Charge applies whether a customer purchases power from PSEG Long Island or an ESCO.  An LI Choice customer does not pay the Market Supply Charge and instead receives a separate bill for supply charges from the ESCO. Keep in mind that due to normal energy price fluctuations, supply prices change every month. If you are considering buying your supply from an ESCO you can compare the current Market Supply Charge (shown below) to ESCO prices. Generally, your supply cost will depend on the price you negotiate with the ESCO, the ESCO’s contract terms and conditions and the amount of electricity you use. You should consider the terms of an ESCO contract carefully, including price volatility, under different contract options, before purchasing supply from them.

Billing on LI Choice

You will receive two bills: one from PSEG Long Island and one from your ESCO.

The PSEG Long Island bill for an LI Choice customer includes the Delivery & System Charges and the Local Supply Charge, which includes costs for resources that are necessary to ensure there is an adequate supply of energy for all customers. LI Choice customers will see the Local Supply Charge instead of the Power Supply Charge on our bill. As an LI Choice customer, you may still participate in our Balanced Billing program for PSEG Long Island charges. ESCO charges are not included in our Balanced Billing program.

Supply Pricing
As mentioned above, you do not pay the Market Supply Charge portion of our Power Supply Charge when you buy supply from an ESCO. See below for PSEG Long Island’s current prices for the following items: Power Supply Charge – paid by full service electric customers and made up of the following components:

  • Local Supply Charge – portion of Power Supply Charge paid by all electric customers, including those enrolled in LI Choice
  • Market Supply Charge – portion of Power Supply Charge that an LI Choice Customer no longer pays to PSEG Long Island.

Additionally, please carefully review the ESCO’s supply contract rates, charges, terms and conditions, as they will affect the value you receive from the ESCO’s supply service. You should make sure you understand the ESCO’s charges and conditions of service, including price adjustments, when determining if an ESCO makes sense for you.


Long Island Choice - January 2022


Our Responsibilities

We will continue to deliver electricity to you. If your ESCO fails to supply electricity, we will provide supply. We will also restore power in the event of an outage or other emergency, maintain the delivery system to provide reliable service, read your meter and provide other essential customer services.

Energy Service Companies (ESCOs)

To participate in LI Choice, you must contact an ESCO. The ESCOs can supply you with price information and other details regarding how they operate. 

  • Before you select an ESCO, make sure they answer all of your questions regarding electric energy prices. It's important that you fully understand how prices can change based on volatility in the market.
  • Once you have selected an ESCO, you enroll in the LI Choice program by entering into a contract with the ESCO you selected.
  • If you do not participate in LI Choice, it is not necessary to do anything. We will continue to provide you with power as well as transmission and distribution services.
  • An eligible customer may apply to become a Direct Retail Customer (DRC). A DRC may act without an ESCO to contract for and supply electric energy and any related services for its own use. This would typically be an option of interest to larger commercial/industrial customers.
  • View the Uniform Business Practices for Electric Energy Service Companies
  • View the Long Island Choice Aggregation ("CCA") Onboarding Process

The following ESCOs currently supply power through the Long Island Choice program:

ESCOs for Commercial Customers

  • Calpine Energy Solutions
    1-877 273-6772
  • Northeastern Power and Gas LLC

If you have any questions regarding any ESCO participating in the Long Island Choice Program, please contact PSEG Long Island at ESCOInquiriesLI@pseg.com. You may find additional information about ESCOs on the New York Department of Public Service website.