Meter Reading

Meter Reading: The Basics

Find out when your next meter reading is, how to read a meter and provide a reading to us.

What you need to know about meter reading

Here are some quick tips regarding your meter.

Check your bill to find the date for your next scheduled meter reading. If your meter won't be accessible on that date, you may submit your own meter reading up to three days beforehand.

If your electric meter is outside, you don't need to be home for us to access your meter. However, please ensure that all pets are confined on the scheduled meter reading date. For safety reasons, NEVER tie a pet to a meter at any time. Please make sure to remove any obstacles such as toys or tools that may prevent us from reading your meter. Trim back any plants or bushes that are growing near your meter so we can safely access the meter without injury and avoid damaging your plants.

If your meter is inside, or only accessible through a locked gate, the PSEG Long Island meter reader may need your help to access the meter. If you will not be home on your scheduled meter reading date, you may leave a key with a neighbor or loan one to us. We will keep it in a secure, confidential file. (Call 800-490-0025 make arrangements.)

Always ask to see identification before allowing anyone to enter your home. Every PSEG Long Island employee carries an identification card. Look for the employee’s picture, name and company name on the card. If you suspect someone is impersonating a PSEG Long Island employee, call 911 immediately and report the incident.

How to read an electric meter

If your meter is outside, you'll probably find it mounted on an exterior wall near where the electric line connects to your home. If you cannot find it outside, it may be mounted inside your home. Indoor electric meters can often be found in a basement, garage, laundry room, porch, attic, or closet. Your electric meter will either have a digital display, or it will have dials. (See the examples below.)

I have a digital meter

Simply read the meter and submit the numbers you see, including any zeroes. This meter reads 44546 kWh

A digital display showing 44546

I have a dial meter

Record the number that the arrow is pointing to on each dial. This meter reads: 12490 kWh

Five dials, each displaying a single number to read 12490

IMPORTANT! When you read a dial meter, remember:

  • When the hand on a dial is between two numbers, record the lower number, EXCEPT if it is between 9 and 0, then record it as 9.
  • Record every number (including any zeros).
  • When providing the reading, report the digits left to right.

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