2024 Off Island Capacity RFP

On January 16, 2024, PSEG Long Island, as agent of and acting on behalf of LIPA, issued a request for proposals, the 2024 Off Island Capacity RFP, to acquire up to 345 MW of installed capacity electrically located in the New England Control Area that is eligible to qualify as Long Island Locational ICAP under NYISO Rules for the following NYISO Capability Years:

  • NYISO Capability Year 1: May 1, 2025 through April 30, 2026
  • NYISO Capability Year 2: May 1, 2026 through April 30, 2027

LIPA will accept Proposals for either one or both NYISO Capability Years. The Contract Capacity may be provided by aggregating capacity from more than one generating resource. The Contract Capacity of each generating resource offered must be a minimum of 25 MW.

Any questions or needed clarifications concerning this RFP should be sent to: PSEG-LI-2024OffislandCapacityRFP@pseg.com.

Activity Date 
Release of RFP January 16, 2024
Pre-Bid Webinar February 14, 2024
Question Submittal Window*  January 16, 2024 - March 22, 2024
Proposal Submittal Deadline April 5, 2024, 5:00 PM EST
Proposal Selection(s) (planned) May 6, 2024
Firm Pricing Required Through September 30, 2024
Service Commencement Date(s)** May 1, 2025 or May 1, 2026, as applicable

* Window for submittal means start date (at 12:00 am) for acceptance of questions and end date (at 11:59 pm) for acceptance of questions.
** Service Commencement Date(s) is dependent on the NYISO Capability Year(s) for which Respondent’s Proposal applies.

Pre-Bid Webinar
A pre-bid webinar was held on February 14, 2024.  A copy of the pre-bid webinar presentation and related questions and responses are available below.


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