New Business Account

Turn the Lights on with a New Business Account

New Business Account Checklist

  • Application for Service signed by the business owner, corporate officer, or authorized agent.
  • A government-issued photo ID
  • A signed lease, deed, or current property tax bill. If you lease your property, please provide the signature page and page(s) that show your occupancy's start date.
  • A deposit. We base your deposit amount on two months average billing or a load letter. Interest is paid annually and the deposit will be returned to you, with interest, if all bills are paid on time for 36 months and after a credit review of your business. Call or email our Business Solutions Center at 1-800-966-4818 to obtain your deposit amount and discuss payment options. We do not accept deposit payments by credit card.
  • A Sales Tax Exemption Certificate, if your business is tax exempt. Please include the proper form with your application: Form ST-119.1 (nonprofits), Form ST-121 (manufacturers), or Form TP-382 (apartment complexes).

New Account Resources

Vacant Space Revival Program

Eligible businesses can receive incentives to occupy vacant spaces and breathe new life into struggling business districts. The Vacant Space Revival Program is designed to encourage occupancy of commercial space in a business district or in an area of existing commercial businesses that has been vacant for a period of one year or more. Learn more

New Business Accounts for Religious, Community Residence, and Veterans Organizations

Religious, community residence, or veterans organizations may qualify for a residential rate. Please also include the following information with your application.

Religious organizations:

  • A copy of articles of incorporation as a religious corporation.
  • A copy of the charter.
  • Eligibility designations from the IRS.
  • A Tax Exempt Certificate.
  • A copy of the filing receipt from the County Clerk's Office in the county for the location for which you are applying.

Community residence organizations:

  • A copy of the Certificate of Incorporation under Not-For-Profit corporation law.
  • A copy of the license from NYS Office of Mental Hygiene.
  • Certification from the NYS Office of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities that the organization is either (1) a “supervised living facility” (as defined in the Mental Hygiene Law) providing 24-hour per day on-site supervision and living accommodations for 14 or fewer residents; or (2) a “supportive living facility” providing supervised independent living without 24-hour per day on-sitesupervision.

Veterans organizations:

  • Proof that the premises is a post or hall owner or leased by a nonprofit veterans association.
  • Certification of status as an organization exempt under IRC Section 501(c)(19).

Ensuring a Smooth Transition

Including the correct information on your application for service helps us power up your business account fast.

  • What name should I use? Register your county-registered, non-incorporated business with your name and the DBA (doing business as) name.
  • Who can sign the Application for Service? School districts: Superintendent or Deputy Superintendent for Business, Villages: Mayor or Village Clerk, Townships: Town Supervisor or Town Clerk, County governments: Commissioner or above, County Clerk, or County Attorney, NYS government: Regional Manager of the Office of General Services
  • Incorporated out of state? You must file your business with the NYS Corporation and Business Entity database. Start here to find or register your business.
  • Use the correct tax ID number. Not incorporated? Use your Social Security number. Incorporated? Use the EIN.

 Call our Business Solutions Center at 1-800-966- 4818.

Frequently Asked Questions