Business and Commercial Savings

Control Your Energy Spending

Save energy, protect your bottom line. Here are some resources to incorporate affordable, energy-efficient improvements into your business.

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Rebates for Large and Small Businesses

Whether you're updating lighting or replacing an HVAC, take advantage of a variety of energy rebates and incentives.
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Commercial Partners

Renovating an existing building? Starting a new construction project? Enroll in this program to help you increase the energy efficiency of your facilities.
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Commercial System Relief Program

Using less power pays off in multiple ways; lower bills for you and more stable costs for everyone since it reduces the need to build new power plants. Get rewarded for using less power.
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Energy Assessments

Call our energy consultants to tour your facility and design a customized plan to save your business energy and money.
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Green Energy

Renewable resources empower ourselves with change that is good for the environment, our economy and for society.
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Tips and Tools

Use a power strip to turn off computers and peripherals when not in use to avoid "phantom load." Get more advice on energy-efficient changes to cut your energy consumption.
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