Help Keep Our Technicians Safe

Help Us Help You

Whether they're reading meters or working to repair downed wires, the dedicated technicians of PSEG Long Island face multiple hazards while working in the field. Here's how you can help keep them safe when they're working on your property or in your community.

Slow Down Near Work Crews

Driving too fast near a PSEG Long Island job site can endanger our employees and hamper their ability to perform important work. For your own safety and for the safety of our workers, please slow down when you see PSEG Long Island employees working in the street, and be attentive to traffic control devices.

Follow directions given by our flaggers. Their job is to control the flow of traffic and keep everyone safe. Please respect barrier devices such as traffic cones. They are the only things standing between your vehicle and our workers. Be patient and careful in our work zones, so our crews can continue delivering the power you depend on.

Secure Pets

Our goal is to keep our employees safe, and to keep your pets free from harm when we're working at your home.Whether we’re reading your meter or investigating a problem, dogs should be kept in a room with the door closed, away from where the technician will be working. Dogs may also be secured in a kennel cage. Holding or securing your dog with a leash is not considered an appropriate solution.

Make Sure Equipment and Meters Are Accessible

  • We ask that you keep our equipment well-lit and clutter-free, and that you notify us of hazardous conditions at your location, such as loose steps or railings.
  • Keep bushes and shrubs trimmed away from meters, utility poles, and other electrical equipment. That way, we can safely access the equipment to investigate problems or do repairs.
  • Keep in mind that first responders may need to quickly access your equipment during emergencies. Don’t build enclosures, decks, porches, or similar structures over or around your meter.
  • Make sure that the path leading to your meter is safe and properly lit, especially the stairs.
  • Keep the areas around your meter and appliances free and clear of clutter.

Be Aware of Weather

During the winter, our technicians need to be able to access your equipment safely. If you're expecting a PSEG Long Island technician, please clear a path to your home. Don't forget to clear your front steps as well. Please remove snow and ice from your outdoor meters and other equipment before our workers arrive. Utility meters should be cleared using a broom, not a shovel, to avoid damage.