Net Meter Bank Exchange Process

Net metering and energy banks

As a solar net meter customer, you buy and supply electricity. The net meter measures the flow of electricity in two directions – forward when you’re buying electricity from the grid or backward when you’re supplying it from your solar panels. Your Energy Credit Bank is where you accumulate excess power supply in the form of energy credits that can lower future bills.

New energy bank rules for net meter customers on a Time-of-Day (TOD) Rate
When billed on Time-of-Day Rates, energy credits accumulate in separate banks for each time period (ex. if you produce excess energy during a Peak period, the credits are applied to the Peak period bank). New energy bank rules for net meter customers enrolled in either of our Time-of-Day Rates, (Off-Peak Rate-194 or Super Off-Peak Rate-195), will allow for transferring credits between periods. Credits earned during an Off-Peak period may be transferred to the Peak credit bank and vice versa, upon request. The new rules apply to customers who started net metering in 2018 or later and are on a Time-of-Day rate (194 or 195). A customer may request a credit transfer when there is excess generation banked (i.e. transfer Off-Peak credits into a Peak bank).

Please note:

  • You can check your energy banks using My Account or by checking your latest bill.
  • Eligible net meter customers may request one transfer per bill cycle to be applied to their next bill.
  • Requests cannot be applied to previous bills.
  • Requests must be made via the Excess Generation Exchange Authorization Form and can be submitted here.
  • Once a customer submits the request, it cannot be withdrawn. The request will be processed on an upcoming bill.
  • Customer must submit a request two weeks prior to their bill date or request will be held until their following bill.