Residential Energy Affordability Partnership (REAP)

Save on Your Electric Bill

Eligible customers may qualify to have energy-saving appliances and devices installed in their homes for FREE.

How does REAP work?

REAP helps income-eligible customers lower their energy costs by finding household energy-saving opportunities.If you qualify to participate, a REAP technician will visit your home to determine the energy efficiency of your appliances and other devices.There is no cost for the home survey.

During the home survey, the REAP technician will talk to you about ways you can reduce your energy consumption. The technician may also install energy-saving measures at no cost to you. The technician will select the energy-efficient devices that will have the greatest impact based on your individual circumstances, possibly including:

  • High-Efficiency LED (light-emitting diode) Light bulbs

    ENERGY STAR-certified LEDs produce light very efficiently, last 25 times longer than a traditional bulb, and use 75% less energy.

  • Energy-Efficient Appliances

    ENERGY STAR-certified room air conditioners use about 15% less energy than conventional models. ENERGY STAR-certified dehumidifiers are more efficient than conventional models and remove the same amount of moisture, but use 15% less energy. ENERGY STAR-certified refrigerators use less energy and help reduce the impact on the environment.

  • Electric Water Heater Pipe Insulation

    (For electric hot water heater customers only.) Insulating hot water heater pipes assists in reducing heat loss. This can allow you to lower your water temperature setting to save money.

  • Energy-Efficient Water Flow Devices

    (For electric hot water heater customers only.) Low-flow devices help save money by reducing water consumption and decreasing the amount of electricity (or gas) needed to heat the water.

Do you qualify for REAP?

Both renters and homeowners may participate in REAP. You are eligible for REAP if you have a current PSEG Long Island customer account, live within our service territory, and you meet the 2020 income guidelines below:

Size of Family Annual Income Monthly Income
1 $62,300 or less $5,191 or less
2 $71,200 or less $5,933 or less
3 $80,100 or less $6,675 or less
4 $88,950 or less $7,412 or less
5 $96,100 or less $8,008 or less
6 $103,200 or less $8,600 or less
7 $110,300 or less $9,191 or less
8 $117,450 or less $9,787 or less

Frequently Asked Questions