Residential Energy Affordability Partnership (REAP) Program

Limited Time Offer!

Receive a $50 bill credit after completion of a REAP Home Energy Survey, when qualified.

Have a REAP technician visit your home to determine the energy efficiency of your appliances and other devices. Customers may qualify to have energy-saving appliances and devices installed in their homes for FREE. Get a free smart programmable thermostat plus FREE installation for PSEG Long Island customers who qualify and complete an in-home REAP home energy survey.

Home Energy Surveys  

During a REAP in-home energy survey, the field technician will serve as the technical expert, providing personalized guidance and energy education during the assessment process, focused on providing you with an education on energy use patterns, energy saving tips, referrals for other assistance programs, with the goal of providing an impactful customer experience throughout the entire process. The field technician will also obtain information for eligibility in replacing inefficient measures.

Free Energy-Saving Measures

During the home energy survey, either in-home or remotely, the REAP technician will talk to you about ways you can reduce your energy consumption. The technician MAY also install energy-saving measures at no cost to you or have them delivered to you if you choose a Remote Energy Assessment (REA). The technician will select the energy-efficient devices that will have the greatest impact based on your individual circumstances, possibly including:

Please note: The product photos used below do not represent the actual devices supplied by REAP technicians and are for reference only. 

Window AC

Air Conditioners

ENERGY STAR-certified room air conditioners use about 15% less energy than conventional models.
ENERGY STAR Air Purifier

Air Purifiers

ENERGY STAR-certified air purifiers are 25% more energy efficient than standard models.


ENERGY STAR-certified dehumidifiers are more efficient than conventional models and remove the same amount of moisture but use 15% less energy.
Pipe insulation

Electric Water Heater Pipe Insulation

Insulating hot water heater pipes assists in reducing heat loss. This can allow you to lower your water temperature setting to save money. For electric hot water heater customers only.
Nest Thermostat

Google Nest Thermostat

50% of money spent on utilities goes towards heating and cooling your home. The Nest home thermostat can save you up to 20% in those energy bills and, in some cases, even more. This is because a smart thermostat keeps your home’s heating and cooling systems operating at maximum efficiency.

LED Light Bulbs

ENERGY STAR-certified High-Efficiency (light-emitting diode) Light Bulbs produce light very efficiently, last 25 times longer than a traditional bulb, and use 75% less energy. 


ENERGY STAR-certified refrigerators use less energy and help reduce the impact on the environment.
Shower head water flow

Water Flow Devices

Low-flow devices help save money by reducing water consumption and decreasing the amount of electricity needed to heat the water. For electric hot water heater customers only.


Both renters and homeowners may participate in REAP. You are eligible for REAP if you have a current PSEG Long Island customer account, live within our service territory, not had a REAP visit within the last five years and you meet the 2024 income guidelines (80% of State Median Income) below:

Size of Household Maximum Gross Annual Income Maximum Gross Monthly Income
1 $45,632 or less $3,803 or less
2 $59,680 or less $4,973 or less
3 $73,728 or less $6,144 or less
4 $87,760 or less $7,313 or less
5 $101,808 or less $8,484 or less
6 $115,856 or less $9,655 or less
7 $118,840 or less $9,873 or less

Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice, including early termination of this promotion. No additional fees apply. Eligible residential accounts will receive reimbursement in the form of a bill credit. PSEG Long Island reserves the right to apply the credit towards any account in arrears. Both renters and homeowners may participate in the REAP promotion. The bill credit will be issued only after the REAP home energy survey is completed. You are eligible for REAP if you have a current PSEG Long Island customer account, live within our service territory, not had a REAP visit within the last five years and you meet the 2024 income guidelines (80% of State Median Income). PSEG Long Island administers this program on behalf of the Long Island Power Authority, the program sponsor.