Tree Selection and Planting

Lasting Beauty with Less Trimming

Make good landscaping choices to reduce encroachment on power lines.

Planting the Right Tree in the Right Place

Trees add beauty to our communities and also help reduce energy consumption. Over time, they can even increase your property value.With proper planning, a healthy forest can be fostered within a community, while also avoiding hazards to electrical lines.

PSEG Long Island endorses the standards set by the Arbor Day Foundation for proximity of various types of trees to the power lines. When planting trees under wires, select trees from a list of wire-friendly trees. Download now.

A Tool to Help with Tree Selection 

Planting the right tree in the right place is key to maximizing the energy-saving benefits that trees provide. When planted properly, a single tree can save a homeowner up to 20% on energy costs. But trees do much more than provide energy savings to you, the homeowner. They also provide tangible benefits for the entire community: improved air quality, reduced storm water runoff, beautification of your neighborhood, reduced urban heat island effect, and a smaller carbon footprint, just to name a few.

Energy-Saving Trees is a research-based, easy-to-use online mapping tool that takes the guesswork out of tree planting. By entering simple information about your home and yard, the tool calculates where to specifically and strategically plant trees for the greatest energy- and money-saving benefits. Try it here!

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