Safety Tips

Two adults and two children smiling at the camera

Avoid Hazards, Stay Safe

Learn how to keep yourself and your loved ones safe from electrical hazards.
A kite stuck in power lines

Balloon and Kite Safety

Kites and metallic balloons are serious electrical hazards and should by kept away from power lines.
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A closeup of a shovel digging a hole

Call Before You Dig

Learn why you should call 811 before digging.
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A carbon monoxide alarm

Carbon Monoxide Safety

Learn what causes carbon monoxide poisoning and what you can do to stay safe.
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Equipment from the top of a utility pole that has fallen to the ground

Downed Wires

Any downed wire could be extremely dangerous. Call us immediately at 1-800-490-0075. Find out what else you should do—and NOT do—if you see a downed wire.

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Drone Safety

Drone incidents involving power lines, electrical substations or other electrical equipment can result in power outages, injury or even death.
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Electric Service Equipment

Electric Service Equipment - Who Owns What?

A typical home’s electric service equipment is made up of a number of different components – some owned by the homeowner and some by us. Not sure which is which? Learn the difference here. 

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A utility worker working on power lines

Help Keep Our Technicians Safe

Learn how you can help keep our skilled technicians safe and productive while they work to keep you energized.
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Electrical outlets with safety covers on them

Personal and Home Safety Tips

Discover ways to prevent electrical incidents in your home.
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