Storm Safety

Long Island storm damage

Stay Safe, Be Prepared

Plan ahead for severe weather. Learn how to stay safe before, during and after a storm. Find tips to get back to normal after the weather clears.

"Are You Ready" sign & stormy skies

Before a Storm

Get tips to prepare your home and business. Find out what PSEG Long Island does to prepare for severe weather.

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Portable generator

During a Storm

Stay connected. Stay safe with tips on generators, preserving food, and more.

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Utility pole and wires tangled with downed tree

After a Storm

See how PSEG Long Island works to restore power. Connect with local recovery resources.

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downed power lines

Downed Wire Safety

Fast reporting can save lives. If you see any downed wire, stay away and call PSEG Long Island at 1-800-490-0075 immediately.

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extreme heat

Extreme Weather

Storm hardening and enhanced tree maintenance, allows the system to better withstand extreme weather.

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Floodwaters in a house

Flood Safety

Electricity and water don't mix. Learn how to stay safe when storms cause flooding.

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Older man sitting, holding hands with healthcare worker

Life-Sustaining Equipment

If you or a family member depends on life-support equipment that requires electricity, let us know.
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