Vacant Space Revival

Working Together to Revitalize Communities

Eligible businesses can receive incentives to occupy or renovate commercial spaces and breathe new life into struggling business districts.

Vacant Space Revival Program

The Vacant Space Revival Program is designed to encourage occupancy of commercial space in a business district or in an area of existing commercial businesses that has been vacant for a period of one year or more. Vacant business space detracts from the economic vitality of a business district and results in under-utilization of existing electric infrastructure.


  • The Applicant may be the owner or prospective tenant of the eligible site.
  • Applicant must apply within six (6) months of Certificate of Occupancy or Electric Service Application
  • Incentives are applicable to the customer of record.
  • Landlords may apply for pre-qualification.
  • Applicant must also complete an Application for Service to begin receiving electric service at the building.
  • Applicant’s electric accounts must be in good standing.