Smart Grid Small Generator Interconnection Procedures

Interconnection Procedures

LIPA's Smart Grid Small Generator Interconnection procedures ("SGIP") provides a framework for processing application for interconnection to LIPA's Distribution System for Interconnection of new or modified distributed generation facilities with a nameplate rating 10 MW or less aggregated on the customer side of the point of common coupling (PCC). PSEG Long Island has implemented and maintain a web-based system for Smart Grid SGIP application process.

The process requirements to add a distributed resource to our system is to ensure the addition has no adverse impacts on safety, reliability and power quality. It begins with the planning and application stage, continues through the installation of equipment and completes with inspections, testing and signoff. Generation neither designed to operate, nor operating, in parallel with our electrical system is not subject to these requirements.

Process for SGIP

Proposed modification of SGIP

The Long Island Power Authority (“LIPA” or the “Authority”) Staff proposes to modify the PSEG-Long Island Smart Grid Small Generator Interconnection Procedures (“Smart Grid SGIP”) which is an addendum to the Tariff for Electric Service (“Tariff”) in order to reflect updates made to NYS Standardized Interconnection Requirements.

A PowerPoint Side show explaining the changes and proposed Online Portal was presented at a Contractor Meeting on 12/6/2016 and is included here for reference SGIP Contractor Meeting

All equipment must meet the testing and certification requirements of New York State. A listing of this equipment can be found on the New York Public Service Commission's website.

SGIP Resources


If you have questions please email or call your PSEG Long Island Generator Interconnection Contact representative:

Ms. Iram Iqbal
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