Monk Parakeets

Monk parakeets, also known as Quaker parrots, are small, brightly colored birds that are native to South America. While beautiful in appearance, they are an invasive species reportedly capable of doubling in population every 7.5 years. Monk parakeets prefer to build their massive nests atop power poles, threatening electric reliability for all PSEG Long Island customers.

PSEG Long Island takes careful considerations to minimize disruption to wildlife.
Our first responsibility will always be to provide you with safe and reliable electric service.

Why Are Monk Parakeets a Problem?

Their large communal nests can grow to 10 feet in diameter and weigh hundreds of pounds. When these nests expand around electrical equipment, they can cause power outages and even fires.

PSEG Long Island has an obligation to provide safe and reliable electric service, 24/7. Our crews need to remove nests during restoration efforts and emergency repairs. Sometimes crews have to perform routine maintenance that requires the removal of a monk parakeet nest in order to prevent:

  • Power outages
  • Fires caused by nesting materials short-circuiting power lines
  • Equipment damage 

What Is Expected After a Nest Removal?

It is common for monk parakeets to re-build the nest on the same pole-top equipment. Future nest removals may be required. PSEG Long Island is investigating sustainable deterrent options that will divert birds away from the electrical equipment to a safer, more natural habitat.