Long Island Wildlife

PSEG Long Island is proud to play small role in the conservation of wildlife on Long Island. We are committed not only to our customers but to the communities where we serve. We invest in the economy, environment and infrastructure to make the places where we operate better places to live and work. This commitment includes not only protecting our equipment, but also protecting birds like the Osprey and the Monk Parakeets that live along with us here on Long Island.


Ospreys have made Long Island’s coastlines and abundant fish populations their home.

Monk Parakeet

Also known as Quaker parrots, these birds are small, brightly colored green and native to South America!

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If you see a bird attempting to build on our equipment or nests that need attention, please let us know!


Osprey Cam

Local Webcams

Watch the Osprey - Live!

We've installed two 24-hour webcams in Patchogue and Oyster Bay. Sit back and watch the majesty and fragility of nature. We kindly request viewers to appreciate and respect the unaltered dynamics of the osprey nest, acknowledging that debris and other nest material accumulation is a natural occurrence.*

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Committed to the Environment

Safety, Reliability and Stewardship

PSEG Long Island has active role in environmental stewardship. As we power our neighborhoods and businesses, we keep in mind the importance of local wildlife while ensuring they have a safe and reliable place to live. That is why we have partnered with several community partners and formed an internal task force. 
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Our Responsibility

PSEG Long Island takes careful considerations to minimize disruptions to wildlife as they continue to provide safe and reliable electric service to Long Island and the Rockaways, 24/7. 

Let Us Know

Our reps are available through email, live chat, Facebook and Twitter. For immediate emergencies, such as a nest on fire, call 911 and then us at 1-800-490-0075.