Rockaway Underground Transmission Project

Reliability Projects

We're making upgrades to enhance our system's ability to withstand extreme weather and meet energy demands.

Project Specifics

PSEG Long Island’s electric grid consists of three primary elements: Electric transmission lines that carry high-voltage power from generation sources; substations that receive the electricity from the transmission lines and step it down to a lower voltage; and distribution lines that carry the lower-voltage electricity into our neighborhoods. 

Over the coming months, we will be constructing two new underground transmission lines in the Rockaways in order to meet the growing demand for electricity in your area. These two projects will install two new underground transmission lines and spare conduit (an additional underground tube that could support another transmission line in the future, if needed). While this work is being performed, traffic and parking may be impacted along the route.

  • Project One will install a transmission line and spare conduit between PSEG Long Island substations near Bay 24th Street, north of Bayswater Avenue; and Beach 53rd Street and Rockaway Beach Boulevard. 
  • Project Two will install a transmission line and spare conduit between PSEG Long Island substations near Beach 53rd Street and Rockaway Beach Boulevard; and Beach Channel Drive and Rockaway Freeway.

Project Resources

Project One Details

Construction for Project 1 is expected to begin in December 2021 and be fully complete by November 2022. Install transmission line and spare conduit between existing substations along the following streets: 

  • North of Enright Road on Dickens Street to Bayswater Avenue
  • Bayswater Avenue between Dickens Street and Bay 25th Street
  • Bay 25th Street between Bayswater Avenue and Rockaway Freeway
  • Beach 25th Street between Rockaway Freeway and Camp Road
  • Camp Road between Beach 25th Street and Seagirt Boulevard
  • Seagirt Boulevard between Camp Road and Edgemere Avenue
  • Edgemere Avenue between Seagirt Boulevard and Beach 54th Street

Project Two Details

Construction for Project 2 is expected to begin in May 2022 and be fully complete by September 2023. Install transmission line and spare conduit between existing substations along the following streets:

  • Edgemere Avenue between Beach 53rd Street and Beach 56th Street
  • Rockaway Beach Boulevard between Beach 56th Street and Beach 73rd Street
  • Beach 73rd Street between Rockaway Beach Boulevard and Beach Channel Drive
  • Beach Channel Drive between Beach 73rd Street and the intersection of Rockaway Freeway and Beach Channel Drive

MyPower Map
For the latest information regarding project work, please visit the MyPower Map.

Frequently Asked Questions

Please see below.

  • Will there be tree trimming?
    Trees growing near power lines significantly increase the chance of power outages and pose safety risks. As we expand and improve our electric circuits, we will trim trees, where necessary, following our utility best practice model (ANSI A300 standards as well as the Best Management Practices Tree Pruning publication).
  • Will there be any power outages?
    In the event that a brief outage is required, all affected customers will be notified in advance.
  • Will there be any traffic interruptions?
    There will be traffic disruptions along the project route. To ensure traffic moves safely, PSEG Long Island will provide cones, flaggers and signage at the work sites, as needed.
  • How can I get more information or leave feedback?
    If you would like to leave feedback about this project, please visit: If you have further questions, please call PSEG Long Island Customer Service at 1-800-490-0025 between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.


A brief note on COVID-19.
PSEG Long Island is deeply committed to the health, safety and wellbeing of our customers, employees and our communities. We ask that customers remain in their homes while crews are working nearby. If customers must speak with our crews, we ask that they practice responsible “physical distancing” and remain at least 6 feet away to ensure the health of everyone involved. Any contractors that may be used for this project has provided PSEG Long Island with its safety plan, which meets current regulatory requirements with respect to COVID-19, including physical distancing measures.

PSEG Long Island, like many companies, has robust business continuity plans and planning processes that predate the COVID-19 outbreak. We continuously review those plans to ensure their effectiveness in this situation and are implementing them accordingly. In addition, we are leveraging the guidance of the CDC and state and local authorities in the areas we operate. At PSEG Long Island, we know that our customers rely on us to power their lives and businesses. We are doing our part in fulfilling this commitment. For more information, please visit



Updated date: November 29, 2021

Posted date: October 12, 2021