Commercial Solar Feed-in Tariff III

Feed-In Tariff III - 20MW

Feed-In Tariff for Interconnection of Solar Photovoltaic Resources Mounted on Commercial Customer Rooftops or Carports from 200 kW up to less than 1000 kW

The LIPA Board of Trustees met and approved the Commercial Solar Feed-in Tariff III on September 21st, 2016.

The initial enrollment period of October 1, 2016 to January 31, 2017 has ended. However, the Authority will continue to accept applications from eligible Generation Projects until February 1, 2020. For the duration of this enrollment period, all responsive bids that have not been accepted into the Commercial Solar Feed-in Tariff III during the initial enrollment period nor withdrawn by the Generation Project owner will be placed on the Wait List. Applications submitted after January 31, 2017 need not include a proposed price.

Program Update: In its November 14th, 2018 meeting, the LIPA Board of Trustees approved the extension of the Enrollment Period for the Commercial Solar Feed-in Tariff III from February 1, 2019 to February 1, 2020.

During the initial four-month application period that ended on January 31, 2017, the Authority received 21 project applications from 12 separate entities, representing 13.367 MW of solar energy. Following a comprehensive analysis, a price of $0.1649 per kWh was established as the clearing price to be offered to projects accepted into the Commercial Solar Feed-in Tariff III program. Eighteen of the 21 project applications that were submitted during the initial application period had a bid price at or below the clearing price and were accepted into the program. The remaining 3 applications, which had a bid price above the clearing price were placed on the Wait List. Additional applications were received after the January 31, 2017 deadline and were, per the Tariff, also placed on the Wait List. All projects on the Wait List were offered the clearing price and subsequently accepted into the program. As of August 2018, there are 25 active projects totaling 14.4 MW, of which 13 projects totaling 7.1 MW have executed PPAs and 12 projects totaling 7.3 MW are being evaluated for interconnection requirements. In accordance with the Tariff, the Authority is continuing to accept additional responsive applications to this program. New applications will be placed on the Wait List in the order that they are received. Any project selected from the Wait List will be offered the clearing price.

Project information will be added as PPAs are executed.

Eligible Projects

Eligible generation to the Commercial Solar PV Resources FIT III is limited to solar photovoltaic (PV) systems that generate electricity directly from sunlight. Additionally, successful candidates must be mounted on the roof of a non-residential Customer's building or structure; or a non-residential Customer's carport that is used to shelter motor vehicles. The carport must be installed over a paved parking area composed of asphalt, concrete, or similar permanent material. Additional requirements include:

  • Eligible Generation Projects must be connected directly to the Authority's distribution system with a dedicated meter.
  • Eligible PV systems are required to use smart inverters that conform to the Authority's technical interconnection requirements.

Generation Projects that qualify under and satisfy all the requirements of this Tariff, including the Smart Grid Small Generator Interconnection Procedures ("Smart Grid SGIP"), with a minimum output of 200 kW and maximum output of less than 1,000 kW, and will enter into a Solar Power Purchase Agreement for the Solar Feed-in Tariff III (the "Power Purchase Agreement").

Additional eligibility requirements apply. Careful review of the Commercial Solar PV Resources FIT III document is advised to see all eligibility requirements.

Application Process

Applicants are instructed to complete the "FIT III - Application Cover & Appendix" and submit their bids electronically to Applicants should receive an email acknowledging receipt of their application within three (3) business days. The application fee of $1,000 must be in the form of a certified check payable to PSEG Long Island and should be delivered within three (3) business days of application submittal at the following address:

PSEG Long Island
ATTN: Stephen Cantore, Power Asset Management
175 E. Old Country Road
EOB, 2nd Floor
Hicksville, NY 11801

Applicants should carefully review the Commercial Solar PV Resources FIT III document and all other related information provided on this webpage. We have compiled a list of Frequently Asked Questions to serve as guidance. Any additional questions may be submitted to:

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