TOU Tips & Testimonials

Time of Use Tips & Ways to Save with TOU

Once you find the rate plan that works best for you, saving with Time of Use (TOU) is easy. You just need to know the following:

Which devices require the most electricity (this is easier than you think).
The times of day you can take advantage of Super Off Peak (cheaper) hours.
The habits or new technology you can use to better manage your electricity usage.

Here’s a list of tips and articles to help you get the most out of a Time-of-Day rate plan.

Off-Peak Appliance Savings

Once you understand that you can control your energy bill just by changing when you do certain things in your house, it’s easy to take action and keep getting the best deal on electricity with a TOU plan.
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Off-Peak vs. Peak Energy

With Time-of-Day, the cost of your electricity during certain hours of the day will be substantially cheaper than others. Time-of-Day can not only help you save, but also help the environment and decrease outages.
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Cooling and Heating Your Home

We’ll show you a few tricks to heat more efficiently in colder months and how precooling in the summer makes it easy to save money on energy without sacrificing comfort.
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Charging Your EV Overnight

Electric vehicle owners will see instant savings on all Time of Use price plans by charging overnight. Super Off Peak and Night rates are about 40% lower than Off Peak or standard rates. High capacity EV batteries may consume 30 to 50 KwH in one charging cycle. If you charge your EV overnight 365 days a year, you'll save 40% compared to charging on standard rates. 

Most, if not all, electric vehicles and EV chargers come with a timer that lets you charge your EV at a specific time. To charge on the lowest cost, Super Off Peak overnight rate, all you have to do is just set the "End" or "To" time for 6am. You do not have to set the "Start" or "From" time.

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Understand Your Energy Usage

Time-of-Day gives you more data about your energy usage. See for yourself which times of day you’re using the most energy so you can decide how, or if, you can shift some of your use to get the most savings from a TOD plan.
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Summer vs Winter Energy Rates

Do you know if you’re getting the best deal on energy all year? Energy use varies by season and can affect your energy bill. How much it costs to produce energy also varies by season and can also affects your bills. Learn how rate changes impact your energy bill and how you can save more by making simple changes.
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Keep Your Pool Clean & Energy Efficient

Program your pool pump, electric heat pump pool heater and hot tub timer to run during Super Off-Peak or Off-Peak hours. Most pools and hot tubs only need 8 hours of filtration daily. Save even more with a variable speed Pool Pumps + electric Heat Pump Pool Heaters rebates.

Pool pump rebates

An Obvious Choice for Our Family

When it came to his electric rates at home, Otis knew TOU was the best tool to use to save energy dollars without impacting his family’s routine.
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Time of Use & EV Charging

In September 2020, Long Island native Ray F. decided to make the switch to an electric vehicle. Learn how he saves money each month with Time of Use.
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The "Best Deal" on Electricity

Doug C. of East Hampton got the best deal on electricity, saving almost $250 in the first nine months of being on Time of Use (TOU). How did Doug get the best deal? What is he doing to save so much money? How can you get the deal Doug got?
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