Battery Storage Rewards

A solution for a brighter future

Enroll in the PSEG Long Island Battery Storage Rewards program - a network of battery storage systems that operate together to alleviate strain on the electricity grid during hot summer days.

A New and Innovative Opportunity for Customers
As a participant in the Battery Storage Rewards Program, you agree to supply power from your batteries to your home or grid a few times each year—we call these instances an “event”. By participating in these events, you are rewarded with an annual payment. This opportunity is available to residential and commercial customers who install a battery storage system, either alone or along with a Solar PV system.

How it Works
During the Battery Storage Rewards Program period from May 1st to September 30th, if we forecast that the following day’s power needs will be near the grid’s peak capacity, we may schedule an “event” to make use of the clean, renewable power produced by solar PV customers. Each event only lasts a few hours. Third-party “aggregators,” independent from PSEG Long Island, enroll customers and manage their participation. If we initiate an event, we notify the aggregators who will then notify customers. Once informed, customers do not have to do anything. It’s the aggregator who communicates with each enrolled solar PV system. Those systems send power from the batteries into your homes and the energy grid. It’s like suddenly adding hundreds of pollution-free power plants to the system.

Program Benefits
The payment you receive is determined by your aggregator and may depend on how well your battery system performed during each event. The added benefit is that you will be helping the environment by supplying clean renewable energy and reducing the use of fossil fuels.

How to Enroll
Aggregators enroll customers and commit to delivering a certain amount of battery stored energy during conservation events, which typically happen on very hot summer days. Most likely, your participating installation contractor will provide you with an aggregator. If you are a homeowner and already own a battery storage system, please contact one of our approved aggregators to enroll in the program. if you are a homeowner that is purchasing and installing a new battery system, work with your local participating contractor and they will enroll you in the program when you purchase your system.

View list of installation contractors and aggregators.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions after browsing our FAQs, please call our Energy Efficiency Infoline at 1-800-692-2626.

  • What is the program period? 
    Events may occur between May 1st and September 30th each year. These events can last a maximum of four hours each with about 10 events each summer.
  • How will I know when there is an event?
    We will notify aggregators a day in advance of an event with a minimum of 21 hours notice. Your aggregator will notify you, although you don’t need to take any action. Your aggregator will remotely discharge your battery, which you will likely will not even notice.
  • Can I opt-out of an event?
    You may opt-out by notifying your aggregator, but it will affect any payments you receive.
  • How much power do I need to provide?
    Your solar contractor can discuss the requirements with you and enroll you in the program. The amount of power you will be able to supply will depend on the size of your PV system and batteries.
  • How much will I get paid?
    Payment terms are defined by the aggregator.
  • Will I notice any change in my electric service during an event?
    No. Your batteries automatically supply stored energy into the energy grid, while your solar panels continue to power your home. You shouldn’t notice any difference in your home’s power supply.
  • Can I participate if I don’t have storage as part of my system?
    No. This program is only available for systems that include battery storage.
  • I already participate in the Smart Savers thermostat program. Can I also enroll in this?
    You may be enrolled in either Smart Savers or the Battery Storage Rewards Program, but not both.