Considering an Electric Vehicle?

Is an EV Right for Me?

To make electric vehicle (EV) ownership as simple as possible, here’s a quick list of things to consider before you buy or lease:

Before you buy, consider this.

How far and how often do you drive?

Most people drive less than 40 miles a day. If that’s you, then almost any EV will meet your needs and require just ordinary house current for charging. But if your travels often take you beyond 40 miles a day, you may want a longer-range vehicle and possibly an upgraded charging system. Find a Car - listed by range


The list is growing all the time. Find a Car - listed make and model.


See what incentives are available to you when you purchase an electric vehicle.

Charging Options

  • Residential Applications: Ordinary house current works just fine for most electric vehicles. But for those with larger battery packs and longer range, you may want to consider additional charging options.
  • Commercial Applications: You may have employees who are considering purchasing a plug-in vehicle. Workplace charging provides great convenience for PEV owners, and in some cases is essential for commuters.

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