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Renewable Energy on Long Island

Take advantage of renewable energy for a more efficient home and learn how renewables can help you reduce your energy cost and improve our environment.

Home Performance  

Before making any changes to your electric system...
We recommend getting an energy efficiency audit to see if you could be saving money on electricity anywhere else in your home. To increase your home’s efficiency (and reduce the size of the solar system you’ll need), visit Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® program


CDG Community Distributed Generation (CDG)
CDG makes renewable energy, particularly solar power, more accessible to more people than ever before. That’s why it’s sometimes known as shared renewable energy.

Geothermal Energy
Use the earth as a heat source to provide heating, cooling and hot water for homes. Rebates available.

Solar NY-Sun Incentive Program
NY-Sun incentives combined with New York State and Federal tax incentives may make PV more affordable than ever!



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