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Vehicle Safety: Downed Power Lines 

If there is an accident or a wire comes down onto your vehicle during a storm, the safest thing to do is stay in the vehicle with your hands in your lap until help arrives and the wires are deenergized. If others approach your vehicle to assist, warn them to stay back. Downed power lines should always be considered live and dangerous. 

Leaving the Vehicle

If there is a fire or other life life-threatening situation and you need to evacuate, follow these steps to ensure you remain safe. Otherwise, the safest thing to do is stay in the vehicle with your hands in your lap until help arrives.

  • AVOID touching any metal parts of the vehicle.
  • AVOID contacting any wires.
  • NEVER contact the ground and your vehicle at the same time. This creates a path to ground through your body and can cause electrocution. 
  • Jump clear of the vehicle, landing on two feet with your feet together.
  • Be careful not to fall back against the vehicle, and be sure to land with your feet together.
  • Do not touch or go back to the vehicle for any reason.

Once Out of the Vehicle

  • You still need to move at least 30-35 feet from the vehicle or any downed wires.
  • Do not walk or run away from the vehicle, as the ground near the vehicle may be energized. 
  • To get yourself to safety either shuffle with both feet on the ground (your heels should not pass your toes) or hop away, keeping both feet together while landing on the ground at the same time.
  • It is safest to move to the other side of the street and avoid standing under any overhead wires.
  • If a power line has come down, there is a chance that wires still hanging could come down as well. 


Last Updated 07/28/2016 12:58 PM