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Trade Guidelines, Codes & Handbook

A collection of information, standards and specifications, which provides general guidelines as well as detailed instructions to the Electrical Contractor and assures that any work performed in compliance with these packages is completed in a safe and reliable manner.

Utility Codes and Standards

General Information for Contractors

  • Electrical Inspection Certificates
    To protect the customer's interests, as well as its own, we require the customer to furnish satisfactory evidence of the safe condition of his wiring before any service is connected. This will require an electrical inspection certificate from the authority having jurisdiction or an inspection agency approved by the authority having jurisdiction. Also, when service wiring is increased or extended, an inspection certificate is required and a certificate may be required for service reconnects. Inspections shall confirm compliance with the National Electric Code, any applicable municipal codes and any Company specification that may supersede portions of the aforementioned codes. The Company reserves the right to challenge the inspection when Company personnel observe deficiencies in the installation at any time prior to energizing the installation.
    Application for service and inspection should be made before the work is started. It is our intent that all electric services of outdated design be brought into compliance with these current specifications (as well as NEC and NESC code, as they may apply) when the service sizes changed, load is added, or major service construction/replacement work is performed. This includes, but is not limited to, the abandonment of old-style customer-owned transformer vaults for pad mounted installations, installation of GFCI protection as required, and other measures. On ALL fire reconnects, it will be necessary to obtain an electrical inspection certificate from an approved inspection agency.

Trade Ally Field Guidelines

Applications for Service


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