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Commercial Balanced Billing

It's simple, convenient, predictable, and practical! We establish your Balanced Billing amount by monitoring your previous usage patterns, the weather and current rates to project your cost for the year ahead. That amount is divided into twelve convenient monthly payments.


  • The cost for your annual electric use remains the same
  • Payments are distributed evenly
  • Free service for qualified non-residential customers

Eligibility & Enrollment

  • You must be billed under rate 280, 281 & 291 to be eligible. View the Common Commercial Electric RatesPDF
  • You can find your rate code on the back of your bill in the first line under your account number
  • You can enroll or come off the program at any time. There is no contracted time. It is to your benefit, however, to remain on Balanced Billing for a full year. While you can cancel the program at any time, any outstanding balance becomes due upon cancellation.
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Or call us at 1-800-966-4818 to determine if you meet the criteria to enroll.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Would my business benefit from Commercial Balanced Billing Program?
    Many of our commercial customers experience fluctuations in the amount of their bills. For most customers, the summer air conditioning season produces the highest bills of the year. However, not all businesses experience a seasonal arrival of cash. We recognize the impact that these fluctuations can have upon your bottom line. With the Commercial Balanced Billing Program, businesses can expect a more predictable expenditure for electricity each month. The cost for your annual electric use remains the same, but payments are distributed evenly over a twelve-month period.
  • If I enroll in Balanced Billing, will my meter continue to be read the same way?
    Yes. Your meter will be read on the same schedule. All Commercial Balanced Billing customers receive a monthly bill. It is extremely important that we continue to obtain actual meter readings. Check your bill and be sure you have received an actual reading. Call for an appointment if you notice several estimated readings in a row.
  • Will my monthly payment ever change?
    It may be necessary to change your balanced billing amount during the year if your usage pattern increases or decreases by a minimum of 15 percent. Differences in annual weather patterns, modifications in business activities or rate changes may produce a change in your balanced billing amount. These adjustments prevent you from owing an additional amount at the end of the balanced billing year or avoid overpayment each month.
  • Is there a penalty if I choose to come off the program during the Balanced year?
    There is no penalty, ever. Commercial Balanced Billing distributes your annual electric costs into twelve convenient monthly payments. Call 1-800-966-4818 to find out if you qualify.


Last Updated 01/11/2017 4:26 PM