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Meter Reading

Your next meter reading date can be found on your electric bill.

If there will not be access to the meter, you can submit your own reading up to three days before the meter reading date online or by calling our automated phone system at 1-800-490-0025. You can also send a digital photo of the meter by email here. Please include the date when you took the photo. 

Electric meters are either digital or have dials. When submitting your meter reading, please include all the numbers you see, including any zeros. If you are billed on a Time-of-Use rate (ex. Rates 181, 182, 184,188) you have a special type of meter that must be read by a PSEG Long Island meter reader. Your rate is shown on your bill.

How to Read an Electric Meter

I have a digital meter

Digital Meter

Simply read the meter and submit the numbers you see, including any zeroes. This meter reads: 44546 kWh

I have a dial meter

Dial Meter

This meter reads: 12490 kWh

The hands or arrows on each dial turn like clocks. Some of the hands on the dials turn clockwise while the others turn counterclockwise. Each clock dial has the digits 0 through 9. When you read a dial meter, remember:

  • Always start with the dial on the RIGHT and move to the LEFT.
  • When the hand on a dial is between two numbers, record the lower number, except if its between 9 and 0, record it as 9.
  • Record every number (including any zeros)
  • When calling in or reporting your meter, report the digits left to right.


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