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If your meter is inside your home and we cannot gain access, we will issue an estimated bill, based on previous bills. Occasionally, we issue estimated bills for outside meters.

To prepare an estimated bill, many factors are considered, including your past usage and weather conditions during the billing period. Reading your meter provides us with the actual amount of electricity you use. Any difference between our estimate and your actual use is automatically adjusted, on the next scheduled visit.

If you submitted a meter read and still received an estimated bill, it could be due to one of the following reasons:

  • You called in the meter reading after the bill print date.
  • The reading you provided does not fall in line with your history.
  • The reading provided fails an internal audit routine and a customer representative has to analyze the account.

How to Prevent Estimated Bills

If we are unable to read your meter for three months in a row, we will include a message on your bill requesting that you supply a reading or make a special appointment for us to secure a reading. We offer a number of easy ways to get your reading to us.

  • Call 800-490-0025 up to three days prior to the scheduled meter reading date on your bill to give us your reading 24/7
  • Arrange for a special appointment by calling 1-800-490-0025.
  • Submit a reading online with My Account

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