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East Hampton - Amagansett Overhead Circuit

A Reliability Project

This project was completed in June 2014.

PSEG Long Island is committed to delivering best-in-class system reliability to our customers and to harden the system to better withstand the types of extreme weather, like Superstorm Sandy, that greatly impacted our customers on the South Fork. The East Hampton – Amagansett Overhead Circuit project meets the growing needs of the Town of East Hampton residents and strengthens the system. PSEG Long Island is worked closely with the local municipalities to minimize any potential disruptions to residents, manage traffic controls and replenish any disturbed vegetation.

Maintaining safe, reliable and consistent electric service

  • The purpose of the project was to improve the reliability of the electric service to the area.
  • PSEG Long Island’s reliability engineers assessed the customer demand in the area and determined that there is a critical need for a new transmission circuit from East Hampton to Amagansett by the summer of 2014.
  • The Town of East Hampton, the community surrounding our Amagansett facilities and all areas to the east are supplied by two 23 kV transmission lines that run on a single tower line.
  • In a severe storm with high winds, like Superstorm Sandy, there is the potential for a loss of this single tower line, which may result in a complete loss of supply – leaving the area without power.
  • To ensure that we uphold our commitment to deliver safe, reliable and consistent electric service, PSEG Long Island supplemented its existing network with a new 23 kV transmission line that increased system capacity and quality of service.

Project Overview
The existing utility poles were replaced with taller, wider and stronger poles capable of supporting the new, as well as existing wires. Equipment to be used:

  • Village of East Hampton - 57 new poles were required, of which only seven of the new poles within the Village boundary are taller than 55 feet tall. The additional poles are 50- or 55 feet tall.
  • Town of East Hampton - 211 new poles were required, of which only 22 are taller than 55 feet. The additional poles are 50- or 55 feet tall. These newer, stronger poles have the capacity to withstand winds of up to 130 mph.

Vegetation Management

  • All pruning performed was in accordance with ANSI A300 standards, as well as the Best Management Practices – Tree Pruning publication and any vegetation disturbed will be replenished. Learn more...
  • Tree trimming was performed during daylight hours along the route to permit the installation of the new facilities and prevent future interruptions to both new and existing electrical facilities.

Significant Benefits for Electric Customers
These upgrades provide increased electric capacity and a redundant supply of electric service in this area, providing our customers with safe, reliable and consistent electric service.


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