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PSEG Long Island Provides Big Savings for Small Businesses

Urges small business owners to partake in energy saving and economic programs

(Uniondale, NY – May 3, 2019) — PSEG Long Island is committed to helping small businesses and the local economy thrive. As the country comes together to celebrate National Small Business Week, beginning May 6, the utility is proud to promote a wide array of energy efficiency and economic development programs to all of its small business customers across Long Island and the Rockaways.

“Powering the local economy and small businesses with safe, reliable and resilient electricity is a primary focus for PSEG Long Island,” said Rick Walden, vice president of customer services, PSEG Long Island. “Our employees work hard to connect personally with business owners through our economic development and energy efficiency programs, providing an education on how they can save money on their electric bill and how we are helping them grow the local economy.”

For this year’s National Small Business Week, PSEG Long Island consultants will visit at least 25 small business customers in several towns across Long Island to provide an energy consultation that will provide details on how they can save energy and money through PSEG Long Island’s energy efficiency programs. A consultation consists of a walkthrough of an existing facility to catalog all electrically powered equipment. The resulting report will suggest recommendations based on existing equipment and any potential energy efficiency upgrades.

Since 2014, commercial customers completed more than 19,000 energy efficiency projects, resulting in savings of more than 534,400 million kWh and electric bill savings of more than $96 million per year. Nearly 80 percent of the completed projects were for small- and medium-sized businesses. The Commercial Efficiency Program provides businesses with solutions to save energy and lower operating costs, freeing up capital to improve the bottom line.

Available economic development programs, such as Main Street Revitalization and the Vacant Space Program, are designed to support the economic vitality of a business district and to optimize the use of existing electric infrastructure. Main Street Revitalization offers grants for projects that are expected to improve the economic stability and growth of a local business district. Eligible projects include: interior renovations; facade improvements; streetscape improvements; and other investments that would enhance the economic viability/vibrancy of the business district.

The Vacant Space Program offers special bill discounts to businesses that occupy a space in a commercial district that has been vacant for one year or more. Vacant business space detracts from the economic strength of a business district and results in underutilization of existing electric infrastructure.

Independent annual evaluations by Opinion Dynamics Corporation have found PSEG Long Island’s energy efficiency and renewable energy programs generate energy savings that are cost-effective. In its evaluation for 2017, Opinion Dynamics found that the PSEG Long Island Energy Efficiency Program generated $1.90 in benefits to the utility and its customers for every $1 in costs to operate the program, including rebates. To learn more about PSEG Long Island’s energy efficiency programs, please visit

For more information on PSEG Long Island’s available commercial rebates and incentives, as well as energy saving tips, please visit


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